AppCake Tutorial: Install AppCake on iPhone & iPad


To begin with, I will demonstrate how you can set up Appcake in your iphone device, and how you can use AppCake to discover and install premium apps for free in your iPhone iPad device.

Next, in case you have issues how to use appcake, just scroll down and read the FAQs hope it will help.

Notice: If you would like to set up the AppCake program in your iPhone and iPad, Please ensure that your device is jailbroken and and Cydia is already installed on your device.

Because Appcake won’t work on non jailbreak devices and you can’t install AppCake as your device is not able to download and set up IPA file.

How To Install AppCake through Cydia

1. Add AppCake Repo Source

Please Note that official repo URL of Appcake is Open Cydia App and add this appcake repo URL in cydia.

2. Install AppSync

If your firmware is lower than iOS 8, you have to install another absolutely free Cydia tweak called AppSync Unified, which lets you sync and set up unsigned iOS software directly from AppCake store. The tweak can be found on AppCake Repo, which means you don’t need to enter another source URL.

3. Installing AppCake

After adding the appcake repo source, you will notice a brand new source in Source Tab, called AppCake. Tap on it and you will see all the related packages.

Once you select the correct version wait for Cydia to complete the setup, restart springboard, and after that, you can use AppCake.

Note: Read the descriptions carefully and install the correct AppCake version that is compatible with your device.

How to Install Cracked iOS apps via AppCake

After installing the AppCake launch the app from the Home Screen and you will see a most popular cracked apps in your iPhone iPad screen.

You can search for particular games and programs through the search option, just like the way we perform a search in AppStore. You can also search your favorite apps through the category tab.

Unlike Apple Store your downloaded apps will be save in Download Tab. Locate your app through App;s title, then tap the Install button to verify that you want to install the program in your device.

You Might Face Some Common Errors During the Installation:

  • Make sure that your iOS version is comaptible.
  • Uninstall iAPFree or xCon if one of these tweaks have been installed onto your device and try again.
  • Install And set up one AppSync from 1 repo.
  • Make sure your device has sufficient disk space to install the program.
  • Remember that the installation procedure may need more disk space compared to the exact file size.

Some Actionable FAQs

What if i see corrupted file error?

You may attempt to download or download from different crackers’ link.

Where to find Downloaded Apps?

Follow the trail /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/Downloaded

How to import IPA Files?

Save your IPA files in /var/mobile/Media/AppCake/Imported. It will automatically show in Imported Tab.

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