How to Use Cydia The Most Complete Guide


Cydia is only the best app for all those who wish to be sophisticated users using their iOS apparatus. However, both tools  jailbreak and Cydia, can help you to live your life in lot better way.

Let’s take a look how we can use Cydia and and take a benefit from this special store..

It is possible to add widgets and themes to personalize the appearance of your device, you may add tweaks and install new programs and free games. So, Cydia could be termed as an iOS app shop, but cydia shop is present out of Apple’s reach.

The same as iPhone Store, Cydia not merely provides free features and stuff, but additionally, it has a lot of tweaks and programs which can cost you a couple of $$$. Even when you’re not prepared to pay, you’re still able to receive the premium stuff at no cost from additional Cydia sources. However, I do not encourage that.

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In case you’ve jailbroken your own iPhone or even iPad and you are feeling confused with Cydia, do not worry. You are not alone. In reality, it may be a bit daunting at first with lots of individuals, including me. The very first time that I jailbroke my very first apparatus, an iPhone 3G on iOS 4.x, ” I did not understand about Cydia whatsoever.

If you’re like me in the past, I feel this manual will be helpful for you to begin.

I presume that your device is currently jailbroken. Thus, be sure to have Cydia program on your house screen before we proceed. Its icon should appear to be the icon at the cover photograph of the post and its own title, apparently, is Cydia. (and in case you do not find it or have not jailbroken, however, it is possible to follow this manual for Cydia)

When you start Cydia for the very first time, it may take several minutes to download and update files from Cydia sources. When it is completed, your Cydia house display should appear like this:

1. Cydia Homepage

Here is the most significant role of the tab. It permits you to log on your account, buy paid bundles or regain prior packages.

Then all purchases will probably be tied to this account. If you merely download free things from Cydia, you do not need to register in.

2. The Way to add/remove Cydia resources to Cydia
Sources are different servers which host its own information, such as topics, tweaks, programs and other bundles. Once jailbreaking, Cydia includes some default sources such as BigBoss, ModMyi, etc.. It is possible to find virtually every packet in these default resources. However, some packages just can be downloaded in their official origin. Here we’ve got a listing of best Cydia resources you ought to check out and think about incorporating a couple of these to Cydia.

Step 1: Select Resources tab on the bottom menu and then edit button.

All of your additional sources are recorded here with a red button (-) alongside them. You are able to eliminate them separately by tapping the red button beside the origin. If you would like to incorporate different resources, go to another step.

Measure 4: A text box will appear, fill it using the URL of this source then tap on Add Source button.

After the URL becomes confirmed, Cydia will begin downloading info from the origin. It may require a couple of seconds. After it’s completed, you may tap the Search button to search for whatever the origin hosts.

3. The Way to set up Cydia tweaks, themes or apps
In case you’ve got the name of this bundle that you would like to put in, then you can go hunt for this from Search tab. When the results appear, tap the package to start its information page. Then you need to read the bundle description attentively and see the compatibility. If everything is excellent, tap Modify to set up.

4. Easy Way to remove packages
Open Installed tab, here you will find all of the packages you have installed.
Tap on the bundle you wish to eliminate
Hit Modify > Eliminate. You will also find the Reinstall option — in case your installed bundles cause difficulties, you can try out this alternative before eliminating it.

5. Upgrade Installed Packages on Cydia
This tab shows you all available updates for your installed packages and lately published packages on the resources which you have already added.

Special Note About Guarantee and Stability

Cydia doesn’t just arrive together with all the benefits that I’ve mentioned.

Since jailbreaking itself is hacking on your apparatus. This procedure can help you skip the Apple protections and eliminates the safety attributes. It means that today your device is vulnerable and open. Please see the Jailbreak Q&A to find out more.

If you still need to combine the area of Cydia together with me, then it is okay. We just install things from trusted resources and appreciate it, no big idea.

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