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If your iOS device is full and you want to delete hundreds of photos at once then iOS photos app can help you in this case, the iOS Photos app now have a handy feature call group selection tool, which helps you to select bunch of images without selecting or marking a ton of pics one by one.

New iOS version group the images through photos creation date so now you can mass delete photos from iPhone by selecting the group of images that automatically arranged into dates by latest iOS version. This handy group selection can help you to mass delete thousands of photos at once.

Before deleting any of your images from your iPhone make sure that you have a backup of that images in-case you delete some important photos so can restore them from external backup.

Watch the Youtube Video to Mass Delete Photos From iPhone Camera Roll, iPad, iPod

How to Batch Remove Dozens of Photos from the iPhone/iPad

Currently the date selection trick is the simplest and easiest method to mass delete photos from the iPhone. Here are the steps you can follow to empty disk space in your iPhone.

  1. Open the “Photos” app in your iPhone
  2. Select “Photos” tab from the bottom left corner.
  3. Set the date in the Collections view you want to mass remove photos, then tap the “Select” button from the upper right corner from your iPhone Screen.
  4. Now select the date range and select all images you want to remove from iPhone
  5. Once you select the photos, now click Trash button from the bottom right corner and tap the delete button to permanently remove them from your iOS device..

Note: This operation will immediately delete all the selected photos from your iphone

Removing All Photos from the iPhone

mass delete photos iphone

If you totally want to delete every single photo from your iPhone, then you can use following way. Just follow the above steps that we did earlier and stay at selection screen and then mark each date group one by one and when you complete the process then simply tap the Trash button to delete all the photos from the iPhone or iPad.

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