How to View Insta Dp in Full Size in iPhone


Downloading and viewing the instagram profile picture is become most easier than ever. You can use the following way to download and view any instagram user’s profile picture in full size by using the online insta dp viewer tool

and the good thing is that it works on all platfroms no matter you are using iPhone, Android or Desktop Computer.

You don’t need any third party application to view someone else Instagram profile picture in hd. There is no third party shits needed to view insta dp.

Instagram is bit different from other social platform. As you know Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn allows everyone to view share other users pictures and videos on their profile but unfortunately their is no such option available for instagram users.

View Instagram Profile Picture in Full Size

Now, I will show you a most quicker and easiest trick to how we view or download download someone’s Instagram profile picture via the online tool by just copying and pasting the username of any insta user on the web browser even they have a private profile..

Sounds Good? then keep reading

Yes, this picture viewing and downloading task can be done easily without having any trouble by just using the any third party tool.

Follow the steps below to download or view insta dp of any person.

view insta dp full size

  1. Just open any Instagram profile in your mobile or desktop browser.
  2. Now Click the three-dot menu from the uper right corner of the page and ‘Copy Profile URL ’ and paste it to any desktop or mobile browser.
  3. Once you paste the URL copy the username which will you find at the end of profile URL for example as u can see in this text after the instagram address the johncena is the instagram profile username.
  4. or
  5. alternatively you can simply see the the username of the person with their profile image.
  6. Now copy the instagram username.
  7. Visit insta dp website in your android, iPhone or desktop browser.
  8. Now paste or type the username of the insta user to see his/her profile in full hd display picture.
  9. Once you see the profile click on it to see in full size now you can download it by tapping on it or if you you are using the desktop just simply right click on it and hit the save menu from the list.

I hope that you really like this tutorial if you find this guide helpful you please share it in your community including facebook , google +, whatsapp.

How to View Instadp Stories

You can also download instagram stories from the same website. It is very simple and easy. The following tool helps you to download Instagram Stories and Highlights from anywhere.

No matter you are using desktop PC or iPhone Android it works perfect on all platforms.

Steps to Download Instagram Stories

  1. Visit the Website Instadp Stories.
  2. Enter the Instagram Username in Search Box.
  3. Download the Stories if targeted profile uploaded in from last 24 hours.

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